Cheng Sim Vegetarian Restaurant In Terengganu Road, Georgetown, Penang

By | June 4, 2017

There are many vegetarian restaurants in Penang. Recently, I have been going to Cheng Sim Vegetarian Restaurant in Jalan Terengganu, whenever I want to have vegetarian food. The address of the restaurant is: 69-E, Jalan Terengganu, 10460 Georgetown, Penang (Phone: +604-2832615).

Cheng Sim Vegetarian Restaurant

Cheng Sim Vegetarian Restaurant serves a variety of ready-cooked dishes, like most vegetarian restaurants. You can also find vegetarian hokkien mee and curry mee here. I normally order the the vegetarian hokkien mee if I am there during breakfast. When I first tasted the vegetarian hokkien mee here, I was quite surprised that it is possible to achieve a decent taste of Penang hokkien mee using vegetarian ingredients. If you like sweet food, you can order the red bean soup (hong dou tang). The restaurant also sells pastries like heong pneah (fragrant pastry) and tau sar pneah (red bean pastry).

Personally, I like to come to Cheng Sim Vegetarian Restaurant because the food here is nice, and the environment is clean. I feel very comfortable dining here. The next time you are craving for vegetarian food, give Cheng Sim Vegetarian Restaurant a try.

Here is the location of Cheng Sim Vegetarian Restaurant in Google Maps:


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