Enjoy Jawi Peranakan Malay Cuisine At Jawi House Cafe Gallery, Georgetown, Penang

By | May 29, 2017

Recently, I have some friends visiting from the United States. I took them to the Jawi House Cafe Gallery in Armenian Street / Lebuh Armenian (within the Penang UNESCO World Heritage Site) to try the Jawi Peranakan Malay Cuisine. I have never been there before, so, my friends’ visit provides a good opportunity to try out the restaurant.

Jawi House Cafe Gallery Building

Jawi House Cafe Gallery Entrance

The Jawi House Cafe Gallery is filled with decorations depicting the Jawi Peranakan culture. It has a cozy environment, and the art pieces on display create a special ambiance.

One of the specialties in the Jawi House Cafe Gallery is the Nasi Lemuni (Lemuni Rice). It is basmati rice cooked with lemuni leaves (Vitex Trifolia), which is believed to have medicinal value. We also ordered a number of dishes, including cucur udang, roti jala with chicken curry, kerabu mangga (mango salad), beef rendang, stewed lamb, grilled prawns, and fish curry. I managed to take some pictures of the dishes:

Cucur Udang

Beef Rendang

Grilled Prawns

For desserts, we were offered a few types of cakes, which we skipped, because we were too full already. All of us wrapped up our meal with a cup of Malaysian Kopi-O.

Overall, the Jawi House Cafe Gallery serves up some nice Jawi Peranakan Malay dishes in a very comfortable environment. My friends from the US were very happy with the experience.

Here is the location of Jawi House Cafe Gallery in Google Maps:

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