FasTracKids Programme At The Learning Garden

By | August 3, 2017

The FasTracKids Enrichment Education is a new education system aimed at enriching the knowledge of children starting from pre-school. The programme was developed by Dr. Johann Debeer, and there are many centres worldwide conducting the programme.

In Penang, The Learning Garden kindergarten ( is the only centre conducting the FasTracKids programme (at the time of this writing). I got to know about this as my daughter is attending pre-school at The Learning Garden. Every session is 2 hours, with activities focusing on knowledge enrichment, leadership/personality development, creativity development, speaking/communication skills, and application of knowledge.

When I heard of the FasTracKids programme, I enrolled my daughter for a trial class. To be frank, I was initially a little skeptical on the effectiveness of the programme, considering there are many special children enrichment programmes available nowadays. However, during the trial class, I was pleasantly surprised that my daughter was able to do a presentation (the topic was “her favourite number”). I never expected my daughter to be able to do that, but I guess pre-school children are more capable of learning than we think. Impressed, I decided to enrol her into the FasTracKids programme at The Learning Garden. I hope this will help enrich her knowledge and experience.

Here is the brochure of the FasTracKids programme at The Learning Garden:

The Learning Garden FasTracKids Brochure

The Learning Garden FasTracKids Brochure

The Learning Garden is located at: York House, 121, Halaman York, 10450 Georgetown, Penang.

Here is the location of The Learning Garden in Google Maps:

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