Parent-Toddler Programme At The Learning Garden

By | July 3, 2017

Penang’s nursery and kindergarten normally takes children from 3 years old onwards (unless the preschool has a Playgroup programme). If your child is between 1-3 years old (a toddler), you may want to consider enrolling him/her in The Learning Garden’s Parent-Toddler Programme. The Learning Garden is a popular child development centre / kindergarten located in the York House (at Halaman York). They have a lot of experience in early childhood development, having started operation since 1999.

The Learning Garden York House

The Learning Garden Classroom

The Learning Garden’s Parent-Toddler Programme is a once-a-week programme where the parents will accompany their child/toddler in the activities. The activities are based on Themes (for example: Family, Colours, Nature, Transportation). Some of the activities include playing with toys, art & craft, sand & water play, playground activities, snack time, and circle time with songs. The toddler will be able to interact with other children, which will help in his/her development. The programme also provides a good exposure for the child before he/she joins preschool.

The Learning Garden Parent-Toddler Programme Toys Room

The Learning Garden Parent-Toddler Programmer Art & Craft

The Learning Garden Playground

Here is the brochure of The Learning Garden’s Parent-Toddler Programme:

The Learning Garden Parent-Toddler Programme Brochure

The Learning Garden Parent-Toddler Programme Brochure

And here is the location of The Learning Garden in Google Maps:

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3 thoughts on “Parent-Toddler Programme At The Learning Garden

  1. Mei fang

    Can you please help to advise if 10 months old baby is suitable for the course? And the fees

    1. Nat

      10 months may b a bit too young . My daughter started to enroll in this programme since 13 months . She enjoyed the programme a lot . One thing I noticed was It helped to develop her confidence to mix around and make friends with other . Won’t be shy .


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