Delicious Nyonya Cuisine At Nyonya Breeze Desire Restaurant, Straits Quay, Tanjung Tokong, Penang

By | July 25, 2017

Nyonya Breeze Desire is a restaurant serving nyonya food (peranakan cuisine), located in Straits Quay. The restaurant’s main branch used to be at Abu Siti Lane in the heart of Georgetown, but that branch is closed now. Luckily, as the Abu Siti branch is closed, Nyonya Breeze Desire at Straits Quay has continued to serve nice, authentic nyonya cuisine.

Nyonya Breeze Desire Restaurant

Nyonya Breeze Desire serves a wide variety of nyonya dishes. Some of my favourites are the roti babi (pork bread), Jiu Hu Char (turnip fried with dried cuttlefish), Hu Piou Th’ng (fish maw soup), sambal udang petai (shrimp and stinky beans), inche kabin (deep fried chicken), hong bak (braised pork belly), and asam pedas fish (fish cooked in spicy, sour curry). There are not many nyonya restaurants serving roti babi, so this dish is definitely a must-try (the roti babi is not listed in the menu, so you have to ask on its availability).

Nyonya Breeze Desire Menu

Nyonya Breeze Desire is located on the first floor of Straits Quay, opposite the Subway Restaurant. The restaurant has a comfortable layout, and the environment is relaxing. I like the place very much, that I would purposely go to Straits Quay just to have nyonya food here (Straits Quay’s comfortable environment probably plays a part as well). Give the restaurant a try, and tell us your experience in the Comments section.

Inside Nyonya Breeze Desire Restaurant

Here is the location of Nyonya Breeze Desire in Google Maps:

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