Enjoy A Quick Snack At IKEA Bistro, IKEA Batu Kawan, Penang

By | August 16, 2019

I went to IKEA Batu Kawan with my family for the first time recently. It was a public holiday, so the place was very crowded. After parking the car, we went up into IKEA. Before we reach the main area where the furniture are displayed, we came across IKEA Bistro. We decided to have some snacks here before moving further.

IKEA Bistro Batu Kawan

There were many people queuing up to buy snacks at IKEA Bistro, but we were able to go through the line considerably fast. We ended up getting curry puffs, hot dog, coffee and ice cream. The prices of the snacks here were quite cheap, with the combo meals ranging from ~RM3 to ~RM6. The ice cream and coffee were served using the self service model, where customers were expected to get them from the ice cream and coffee machines.

IKEA Bistro Ordering Counters

Queue At IKEA Bistro

IKEA Bistro Coffee Machine

Customers can eat their snacks at the tables provided, but there were limited stools. Even though we had to stand while eating our snacks, it was quite an interesting experience. But, I think it will be better if IKEA Bistro can provide more seats though.

IKEA Bistro Dining Area

IKEA Bistro Dining Area

There is a bakery beside IKEA Bistro, selling Swedish bread and pastries. There is also a Swedish food market nearby, selling Swedish food products.

Bakery Beside IKEA Bistro

IKEA Swedish Food Market

We spent around 30 minutes in the IKEA Bistro area enjoying the snacks, before going into the main area. It was quite enjoyable.

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