Granny’s Hokkien Mee Restaurant At Taman Lip Sin, Bayan Lepas, Penang

By | November 16, 2017

I was driving through the Taman Lip Sin area a couple of days ago, and came across Granny’s Hokkien Mee Restaurant, located on the ground floor of one of the flats, beside MKT Cafe. It is also near the Super Tanker Hawker Centre. Normally, we don’t see a restaurant that only sells hokkien mee, so, I decided to give it a try.

Granny's Hokkien Mee Restaurant

I reached Granny’s Hokkien Mee restaurant at around 10AM on a Wednesday, and there were not too many people. You can either sit in the shop, or outside at the flat’s courtyard. The environment was cool, as there was a portable air-conditioning unit blowing cool air into the shop. The shop is clean and has some nice old-fashioned decorations.

Inside Granny's Hokkien Mee Restaurant

Inside Granny's Hokkien Mee Restaurant

I ordered a medium-sized bowl of Granny’s hokkien mee, and a cup of kopi-o. The hokkien mee turned out to be pretty good, to my surprise. The soup was flavourful, with quite a strong prawn taste. The spiciness level was just nice. For those people that like extra spicy hokkien mee, there is chilli paste available on each table that can be added. The prices are reasonable too.

A Bowl Of Granny's Hokkien Mee

Granny's Hokkien Mee Menu

Granny's Hokkien Mee Menu

I was quite satisfied with the hokkien mee at Granny’s Hokkien Mee Restaurant. I will definitely add it to my list of shops to go to for breakfast. The other hokkien mee places that I go to in Penang are the Super Hokkien Mee (One Corner Cafe), Bridge Street Hokkien Mee (C.Y. Choy Road), and the small hokkien mee stall at Taman Island Glades that only opens on Sunday mornings.

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