Mamasak Cafe – Malay-style Hawker Stall Along Jalan Gottlieb, Penang

By | October 15, 2019

Mamasak Cafe is a Malay-style hawker stall (“warung”) located along Jalan Gottlieb, roughly opposite SMJK (C) Perempuan Cina Pulau Pinang (Penang Chinese Girls’ High School). It is open from 6PM to 1.30AM, so customers can eat dinner or supper here.

Mamasak Cafe Jalan Gottlieb

Mamasak Cafe Penang

Personally, I think the melted cheese burgers are probably the best food to be had at Mamasak Cafe. The meat (chicken or beef) is thick and juicy. Other dishes available at Mamasak Cafe are nasi lemak and Maggi goreng. Even though the menu is limited, it is sufficient for a good night snack.

Mamasak Cafe Melted Cheese Burger

Mamasak Cafe Maggi Goreng

Mamasak Cafe Nasi Lemak

Mamasak Cafe Burger Stall

Mamasak Cafe Menu

As for the dining area, there are 2 rows of tables and chairs. Some of the tables/chairs look a little old and have “dirty” marks. It will definitely make the place more comfortable if the business owner can put in newer tables and chairs.

Mamasak Cafe Dining Area

Mamasak Cafe Dining Area

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