Penang International Science Fair 2019 At Setia SPICE, Penang

By | November 4, 2019

The Penang International Science Fair 2019 (PISF 2019) was held at Setia SPICE on 2-3 November 2019. It is an annual event aimed at generating interest in science and technology among primary and secondary school students. The PISF 2019 featured exhibits from technology companies in Malaysia, hands-on STEM workshops organized by schools and companies, competitions in robotics, coding, embedded systems and agricultural technology, and MakerFest where hobbyist showcase their technology creations.

Penang International Science Fair 2019

PISF 2019 Layout

PISF 2019 Workshops

The PISF 2019 “Coolest Projects” and MakerFest area showcases many cool inventions and innovations. There were robotics projects, computer games, IOT applications like refrigerator door sensor, aquaponics farming project (aquaculture + hydroponics), 3D printing and many others. Most of these projects are showcased by schools from Penang and other states in Malaysia. Visitors got to play the computer games on display, program robotic vehicles, try out new software and vote for their favourite project. The area was quite packed, and there were many visitors.

PISF 2019 Robotics

PISF 2019 Computer Games

PISF 2019 Computer Colouring Activity

PISF 2019 Forest Fire Prevention System

PISF 2019 Aquaponics

PISF 2019 Hydroponics

PISF 2019 3D Printing

PISF 2019 Carpentry Activities

Workshops organized by schools were located on the other side of the concourse area. The workshops are mostly organized by Penang schools, and visitors/children got to engage in science-related activities and bring home their work as souvenirs. At the workshops, children got to learn about science and have fun at the same time.

PISF 2019 School Workshops

PISF 2019 Mini Robot Making Workshop

PISF 2019 Workshop By CDK

Booths operated by technology companies were stationed at the SPICE Arena. Participating companies include Intel, B. Braun, ViTrox, Keysight, Plexus, Agilent, Infineon, National Instruments, Motorola and many others.

PISF 2019 Company Booths

The Penang International Science Fair 2019 was a success, with large visitor turnout and fun activities. We hope that this annual event will go on for years to come, in line with Penang’s initiative to promote Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education.

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