Snowy Christmas Decorations At Queensbay Mall

By | December 14, 2019

Christmas is around the corner, and as a tradition, Queensbay Mall has put up a very nice Christmas decoration. This year’s Christmas decoration is full of snow, creating a feeling of coldness as we walk through the showcase.

Snowy Christmas At Queensbay Mall

Many cute animals are part of the casts, including the reindeers, penguins, seals, polar bears and owls. There are many elegant snowmen as well. They all look cheerful for the Christmas season.

A Row Of Reindeers

Reindeers At Queensbay Mall

Penguins At Queensbay Mall

Snowmen And Penguins At Queensbay Mall

Owls At Queensbay Mall

An elegant clock tower and a tall Christmas tree complete the magnificent decorations. I think this year’s Christmas decorations are one of the best that Queensbay Mall has put up over the years.

Clock Tower At Queensbay Mall

Christmas Tree At Queensbay Mall

Queensbay Mall has many events/activities planned for the end of the year festivities, including the Snow Shower, “Whale of Fun” Balloon Zone, Eskimo/Elf Balloonist, Polar Bear Mascot Appearance, Stilt Santa Clown, Christmas Dress Up Corner, Q-Kids Club Christmas Craft Workshops and Santa & Santarina Meet And Greet. So, enjoy the fun events and end-of-year shopping at Queensbay Mall.

Queensbay Mall Christmas Events

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