Starbucks Signing Store At Jalan Burmah, Pulau Tikus, Penang

By | July 12, 2020

There is a Starbucks branch along Jalan Burmah, Pulau Tikus (beside Maybank, on the same row as Domino’s Pizza). It is a special Starbucks Signing Store, dedicated to employing deaf and hard-on-hearing partners (employees). The store, opened back in 19 November 2019, is Penang’s first Starbucks Signing Store (and 4th in the world). It is a collaborative effort with Persatuan Orang Pekak Pulau Pinang (Penang Deaf Association / PDA).

Starbucks Signing Store Pulau Tikus

Starbucks Signing Store Penang

Although the store is staffed by deaf employees, ordering your favourite coffee here is easy. Normally, you will be given an order form to fill up. You may also point to the menu, or even use sign language (if you have the knowledge). The coffee tastes as good as other Starbucks locations. I feel that the store is very comfortable, with ample spacing between tables.

Coffee Ordering Counter

Starbucks Signing Store Burmah Road

The Starbucks Signing Store in Pulau Tikus is a noble effort by Starbucks to create a culture of empowerment for the Deaf and Half of Hearing community. Do lend your support by getting your cup of coffee here.

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