Toy Shops In Georgetown, Penang

By | May 10, 2017

Nowadays, we normally buy toys from Toys “R” Us, or shopping complexes. In Penang, apart from shopping complexes, there are also toy shops that operate in shop houses beside busy roads.

Syarikat Teik Seng and Syarikat Tan Num Wing are 2 such toy shops in Lebuh Kimberley (at the intersection of Lebuh Kimberley and Jalan Sungai Ujong). The shops are located side-by-side (I wonder why). We call them Kedai Permainan Kanak-kanak in the Malay language. The 2 shops have been in business for a long time, and are the type of toy shop where Penangites traditionally go to buy toys. They have toys like tricyles, bicycles, balls, rocking horses, Transformers figurines, teddy bears, and others….. mostly not from the major brands, of course. The price of toys in these shops are normally lower than those found in the shopping complexes.

Syarikat Teik Seng Toy Shop

Syarikat Tan Num Wing Toy Shop

You can also find cloths for the traditional baby cradle in these shops, the types with holes, so the baby doesn’t get too warm sleeping in the cradle.

I find that going to these traditional Penang toy shops an interesting adventure, especially if you have young children. They will enjoy looking for toys that are displayed in a not-so-orderly manner, a very different experience than going to Toys “R” Us. No air-cond too, so you get to experience the natural  warmness of Penang Island.

Here is the location of Syarikat Teik Seng and Syarikat Tan Num Wing (the shops are located side-by-side, so, I only show one of them here):

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