7 Ye Che Kee Cafe At D’Piazza Mall, Bayan Lepas, Penang

By | April 10, 2024

D’Piazza Mall may not be a go-to place for many people, as the mall is pretty much empty except for some F&B shops on the groud floor facing the road, a futsal place, tuition centres (I know there is an art/drawing centre inside) and some small shops. 7 Ye Che Kee Cafe is one of the places in D’Piazza Mall where you will find significant number of people dining in. It is a Hong Kong “char chan teng”-style eatery, offering a fusion of Hong Kong, Taiwanese and Malaysian-style food.

7 Ye Che Kee DPiazza Mall

7 Ye Che Kee DPiazza Mall

I wouldn’t say the food is overly fantastic, but the place is comforting with decent food. Some of the food you will find here are curry fish ball, polo bun with butter, wanton noodles, Taiwanese braised pork rice, imitiation shark fin soup, nasi lemak, chicken chop and more. For beverages, there are different types of coffee, milk tea and juices.

Curry Fish Ball

Taiwanese Braised Pork Noodles

Wanton Noodles

Shai Yong Noodles

Imitation Shark Fin Soup

Polo Bun With Butter

Iced Coffee

7 Ye Che Kee Menu

7 Ye Che Kee Menu

The dining area is very comfortable. It is air-conditioned and the tables are well spaced. It is a good place to meet for food and chat, as the cafe is not overly hectic. There are also dining tables outside the shop for those who would like to enjoy their food outdoors.

7 Ye Che Kee Dining Area

7 Ye Che Kee Dining Area

7 Ye Che Kee also has an outlet in Bukit Mertajam which has a very “retro” decoration, but that is a story for another time.

Here is the location of 7 Ye Che Kee Cafe (D’Piazza Mall branch) on Google Maps:

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