Cartoon World Amusement Park In Gurney Paragon Mall, Penang

By | September 14, 2017

Whenever we go to Gurney Paragon Mall, my daughter will always request that we go to the Cartoon World Amusement Park, located on Level 5 of Gurney Paragon Mall. It is a place where children can enjoy themselves.

Cartoon World Gurney Paragon Mall

The major attraction of the Cartoon World Amusement Park (at least for my daughter) is the indoor playground with soft mats. The playground has slides, trampoline, and also a mini obstacle course that children can go through. There are also lots of small balls for them to throw at each other. Children are required to wear socks in order to enter the indoor playground.

Cartoon World Gurney Paragon Indoor Playground

The Cartoon World Amusement Park also has a number of small rides and games machines. My daughter seldom go for these though, as these can be found at most other places as well – so they become less attractive, I guess.

Cartoon World Gurney Paragon Rides

As you walk further into the Gurney Paragon Mall Cartoon World Amusement Park, you will find a roller skating ring. Both children and adults can come here to roller skate (or learn how to roller skate). This is interesting as there are not many roller skating rings in Penang.

Cartoon World Gurney Paragon Roller Skating Ring

Overall, the Cartoon World Amusement Park is a good place for children to have fun. More importantly, its location within Gurney Paragon Mall is a real convenience.


[Blog post update – 11 April 2019]

Cartoon World Amusement Park is now closed. Its location was taken over by MR DIY Gurney Paragon store. For alternatives, you may want to check out Urban Playz or Blok Space, both in Gurney Paragon. Or, head over to AmanVille in Gurney Plaza.

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