Nice Christmas Decorations At Gurney Plaza, Penang (2017)

By | December 13, 2017

Christmas mood is in full swing at Gurney Plaza, Penang with fabulous Christmas decorations at the mall’s Main Atrium (Ground Floor). The “When The Christmas Toys Come Alive” decorations depict Santa’s Workshop, with colourfully-dressed elves making toys and presents for Christmas.

Gurney Plaza Christmas Decorations Entrance

I was at Gurney Plaza on Sunday evening (10 December 2017), and the Main Atrium was very crowded. Many people took turns to take pictures with the Christmas decorations as the backdrop. There is a beautiful red chair in front of the decorations for visitors to take pictures while seated.

Gurney Plaza When The Christmas Toys Come Alive Decorations

Gurney Plaza Christmas Decorations Elves And Toys

There is also a small red & white Ferris Wheel which really excites children. The charge to ride on the Ferris Wheel is RM5 per person. My daughter got on the Ferris Wheel and was very happy.

Gurney Plaza Christmas Decorations Ferris Wheel

There are still many days to go before Christmas. I’m sure I’ll visit Gurney Plaza again during this festive time to soak in the happy environment. Merry Christmas!

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