Taking A Flight From Penang International Airport To Pulau Langkawi

By | July 13, 2018

My family recently took an AirAsia flight from Penang International Airport to Pulau Langkawi (19 June 2018). It has been a while since I board a plane at Penang Airport, and I was quite impressed with the “upgrade” that Penang Airport had gone through. The check-in / baggage-drop process for the AirAsia flight was a little chaotic, but other than that, everything went well. We had a meal at McDonald’s before entering the domestic departure area.

The departure area was comfortable, even though there were many people travelling that day.

Penang Airport Departure Hall

Penang Airport Departure Hall

There were also many shops at the Penang International Airport departure hall, like Body Glove, WHSmith, Vinstella, Dunkin’ Donuts, Homey Touch (sells light food), and others.

Body Glove At Penang Airport

WHSmith At Penang Airport

Vinstella At Penang Airport

Dunkin Donuts At Penang Airport

Homey Touch At Penang Airport

Arissto Coffee

Our Penang-Pulau Langkawi AirAsia flight was slightly delayed that day. But thankfully, the wait was a comfortable one due to the nice Penang Airport environment.

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