Visit To The Top @ Komtar, Georgetown, Penang (September 2018)

By | November 10, 2018

I visited The Top at Komtar with my family sometime ago in September 2018. We bought the package deal, which allowed us to visit most of the attractions/rides at The Top, including Rainbow Skywalk, Observatory Deck, Jurassic Research Centre, 7D Discovery Motion Theatre, Tech Dome Penang, and many others.

The Top Penang

The Top Penang Komtar

The Top Penang Attractions

Before visiting the attractions at The Top, we had a quick lunch at the Komtar Market Street food court. The food was average, but the location was very convenient.

Komtar Market Food Street Food CourtKomtar Market Food Street Food Court

After lunch, we went over to the fun fair/carnival area. The kids hopped on to the merry-go-round. There were also other amusement park-type games in the area.

Merry Go Round At The Top Komtar

Carnival Games At The Top Komtar

We then went to the Penang Tech Dome to explore the world of science and technology. There are many science and technology exhibits here, including interactive ones. Compared to Petrosains in Kuala Lumpur (the Science Discovery Centre housed in the Petronas Twin Towers), the Penang Tech Dome is much smaller. It was a fun place nonetheless.

Tech Dome Penang Dewan Tunku

Komtar Tech Dome

Komtar Tech Dome

Komtar Tech Dome

The 7D Discovery Motion Theatre was next, screening the Pirate Adventure in 7D. The theatre uses virtual reality and simulation technologies to “bring the audience into the movie”.

Pirate Adventure In 7D

The Jurassic Research Centre was excellent, with many dinosaur exhibits. The centre is bigger than I thought. We went in after 7PM, so the outdoor area was a little dark.

Dinosaur Fossil Exhibit In Jurassic Research CentreThe Top Penang Jurassic Research Centre

The Top Penang Outdoor Dinosaur Park

After touring the dinosaur area, we quickly visited the Boutique Aquarium, before going up to the Observatory Deck (Level 65) and Rainbow Skywalk (Level 68). It was after 8PM, so we got to enjoy Penang’s night view. Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to capture clear pictures that evening. We had our dinner at Coco Cabana Bar & Bistro (Level 68), before going home. It was a fun outing at The Top Penang.The Top Penang Boutique Aquarium

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