KTM Butterworth Train Station, Butterworth, Penang

By | November 8, 2018

The KTM Butterworth train station is located near the Butterworth bus and ferry terminals. If you are travelling by train from other places to Penang Island, this is the final station. At the time of writing (8 November 2018), the temporary Butterworth bus terminal is right in front of the station. There is a free shuttle bus taking passengers from the temporary bus terminal to the ferry terminal. Note: the bus terminal will move into the Penang Sentral building when it is completed, expected end of 2018.

KTM Butterworth Train Station

The Electric Train Service (ETS) is available at the KTM Butterworth train station (Padang Besar – Gemas – Padang Besar route), allowing passengers to travel to many cities around Malaysia.


KTMB Network Map

There are also the KTM Komuter trains, which run fairly frequently to cover multiple cities/towns in the northern region. Currently, there are 2 routes: 1) Butterworth – Padang Besar – Butterworth, 2) Butterworth/Bukit Mertajam – Padang Rengas – Butterworth/Bukit Mertajam. Here is the timetable of the Northern KTM Komuter services (effective 18 November 2017):

Northern KTM Komuter Services

Having used the Northern KTM Komuter service, I would say it is pretty good. The KTM Komuter trains are clean and comfortable.

Inside KTM Komuter Train

Inside the KTM Butterworth train station, the ticket counter is located upstairs. There is a waiting area for passengers right beside the ticket counter. Passengers are only allowed to go down to the train platforms shortly before the train arrives. I think this is a good arrangement, as it ensures that there are not too many people on the train platforms at any one time.

KTM Butterworth Ticket Counter

KTM Butterworth Waiting Area

KTM Butterworth Waiting Area

KTM Butterworth Train Platform

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