The Learning Garden Kindergarten At York House, Georgetown, Penang

By | November 21, 2017

The Learning Garden is an established kindergarten in Penang. This early childhood education centre is located at the York House (Address: 121, Halaman York, 10450 Georgetown, Penang. Tel: 04-2296388). The York House is a mansion built in the 1930s, architected by J.C. Miller, a British architect.

York House Penang

The Learning Garden Office Entrance

The kindergarten is set in a spacious, wooded ground with ample space for children to run around. My daughter currently studies here, so, I have a good insight of the kindergarten.

The Learning Garden Building

The Learning Garden Playground

The Learning Garden offers playgroup, nursery, K1 and K2 classes. The classes runs from morning around 9AM till noon. Unlike other nursery/kindergarten around Penang, The Learning Garden does not offer childcare services where children get to nap in the afternoon. However, there are optional afternoon programmes available for nursery, K1 and K2 students (till 4PM). The afternoon programmes are mainly focused on Chinese language activities, although there are also activities to strengthen the children’s grasp of other subjects like English, Bahasa Malaysia and Mathematics.

The Learning Garden Classroom

Learning are based on themes (thematic approach), and children are encouraged to interact, talk, play and learn through experience. English is the main language of communication, while there are also classes conducted in Chinese and Bahasa Malaysia.

Throughout the year, the kindergarten organizes many outings for the children – for example in 2017, there are trips to the Taiping Zoo, Sushi King Restaurant, Penang Bird Park, Tzu Chi Recycling Centre, Taman Lalulintas, and Queensbay Mall cinema. There are also activities like Literature Night, Sports Day, and The Learning Garden Concert.

The Learning Garden Sports Day

The Learning Garden Sports Day

Overall, The Learning Garden is an excellent kindergarten. It provides an interactive and fun environment for children to learn, while encouraging them to try new things. Children will get an enriching pre-school education here.

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